Eucalyptus Wood

The Wood Comes from Areas of Reforestation and Sustainable Management in Brazil, and Has Different Ages and Measures.'

Applications :

  • Landscaping
  • Urban Arborization - squares, parks and backyards.
  • Decorative Treeing - Small pruned trees, ornamental miniatures in pots, bonsai.

Construction :

  • Light internal structural: slats, secondary parts of structures.
  • Light internal, general utility: cords, trimmings, baseboards, linings and wainscoting.
  • Temporary use: props, scaffolding, concrete forms.

Furniture : General utility: furniture and internal parts of furniture.

Industrial :

  • Pinus resin is used for the production of pitch (for the preparation of paints, varnishes, lacquers, soaps, glues, greases, enamels, waxes, adhesives, explosives, disinfectants, thermal insulation, etc.) and turpentine , varnishes, dyes, wood sealants, chemical reagents, synthetic camphor, deodorants, insecticides, germicides, oils, cleaning fluids, etc.), etc.
  • Because it has long fibers it is widely used in the production of pulp for the manufacture of packaging.

Other Uses : Compensated, rolled, broomsticks, matchsticks, toys, turned objects, pallets

Sizes available :

  • Miscellaneous, According to the Necessity of the Customer. (from 2 to 30 Meters).
  • The Most Used Lengths are 4 Meters and 6 Meters


Price Negotiable Directly to Buyers
Raw Material Used Eucalyptus Wood
Special Features Several Diameters and Lengths
Colors & packaging available In Logs
Industries where this product is used Wood, Pulp and Paper Industries

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